"Joanne loves horse riding and is a member of RDA (Riding for the disabled) group in Stratford-upon-Avon. Beryl Sainsbury, who was a founder of this group would celebrate her 100th birthday this year. Beryl's family wanted to celebrate her life by raising much needed funds for Stratford Group. They asked its members to take on a challenge of doing anything of their choosing 100 times. Jo decided to play 100 games on Dominoes with her care team (and she won almost all of them too). Jo has actually raised £100 for the group, which gives her such a wonderful experience each week. To celebrate Jo’s success, she was presented with a certificate of thanks at her last session, Jo was so proud of herself she cried very happy tears. And we are so proud of her too! This not only made a difference to those in her riding group, but to Jo herself in times, when she had to stay away from her friends for so long due to COVID and lockdown. Well done Jo and her care team for their amazing support."