Rebecca and the Team - Race for Life 💕

This has been written By A Ormian who is Sister and Service Manager for Rebecca.

Race For Life

My sister asked me if I'd like to take part in Race for Life - of course I said 'Yeah' so we registered for the Cleethorpes event which was held in May 2024 (Cleethorpes was the only local race that was 'wheelchair friendly').

My mum bought me some pink trousers and my sisters treated me to a pink T-shirt, a brightly coloured sequin hat and some stripy socks - I'm not the shy, retiring type, I like people to know I'm here!

My wonderful STAR Team spent a week clipping hundreds of 'spokies' onto my wheels and Mary (who supports me) tied bunches of balloons to my wheelchair handles - nobody was going to miss ME!

We waited until most of the runners had set off and then started our race. We met a little girl called Isabelle who was dressed in a tutu and pink sunglasses. She noticed my balloons and when I offered her a bunch she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.She was SO adorable.

As we left the arena we passed a man playing 'motivational' tunes on the bagpipes - I sat for ages listening to him. Bridget (my sister's granddaughter) kept running ahead and then racing back towards me which really made me laugh and all the way along the route we were clapped and cheered by wellwishers - it was a fantastic atmosphere.

We raced (well strolled) along the seafront and around the boating lake and then we heard the most beautiful sound off in the distance and it spurred me on (I was pretty hot and tired at this point).

It was a choir singing and I held my head up listening as the music got louder. The choir started singing 'Angel' by Robbie Williams just as we arrived. I was totally mesmerised, it was beautiful - Ruth and Amanda (my sisters) were both in tears at my reaction (bunch of softies!).

We stopped and listened to the end of the song and then joined the race for the finish line again. People lined the route and were shouting encouragement and clapping for us.

One last push (it's not easy pushing me over grass) and we crossed the line to a massive cheer from everyone. Ruth helped me ring the 'finish bell' and then it was time for photos and a drink. Phew, what an experience!

We raised a massive £953.75 (including Gift Aid) for Cancer Research. I'm definitely going to take part again next year. I must remember to bring my wheelchair gloves next time though (I can't be seen using a pair of old socks again!)