I wanted to share an inspirational story from a young lady we support.

In August 2017, Enia had a spinal stroke secondary to hypertension. This had such a negative impact on her mental health as you can imagine, her life was turned upside down.


She has 4 children and lives in her own home. When she was discharged form hospital the home was not suitable for her and her family’s needs. Moving to Solo means she has support from her family and friends, people she trusts.


In November 2019 Enia moved into a new home with adaptations that have changed her daily routine, she is now able to move around her home, support her children with cooking and their homework and just have family time together eating dinner and watching TV.

Her new home is spacious and all the family live on the same floor, giving Enia space to move around in her wheelchair or on her frame depending on her health that day.

Enia has recently completed a Master’s Degree in business, this was hard for Enia with the recent move, health issues and moving from a traditional agencyto Solo, she had lots going on, but she did it!


Following a recent visit to Enia, the overall feel of excitement for her future was amazing. Spending time doing school work with her children, cooking and eating together has had such a positive impact on both her and her family’s life!


Enia has recently had interviews for Voluntary work, working with the local council in speaking to tenants and how funding is spent in the local community.  

She goes to Church every week with her brother and family.

Future plans for Enia are learning to drive again after her recent disability and going on holiday with her family.