You're doing amazing!

We hope you are all happy and well. We came across this post by the Blurt Foundation on their Facebook page and we wanted to share with you because we love their words and art. They do also have a website with loads of helpful tools for Depression and Anxiety, and a dedicated page around Coronavirus and your mental health, which also has lots of handy resources which we have linked here The words are from Blurt and the art from Beth Evans, enjoy and just know you are doing great! No-one is dealing with things perfectly right now - because there is no way perfect way to cope. Whatever way works for you, and keeps you going is good: whether that's learning something new, or taking comfort in familiar things. Whether it's doing daily home workouts or curling up on the sofa. Whether it's doing virtual zoom quizzes, or chatting online. Whatever you're doing to cope - you're doing amazing.