Time to Talk Day 2024

The 1st of February 2024 is Time to Talk Day. This day is about encouraging those suffering with their mental health to open up and have a conversation with a friend, family member or a colleague. 

Time to Talk Day, which was launched in 2014, is the nation’s biggest mental health conversation. It’s a day for friends, families, communities, and workplaces to come together to talk, listen and change lives. We all have mental health and by talking about it we can support ourselves and others. 

At Solo Support Services, we encourage open conversation about all aspects of wellbeing. Our wellbeing team and mental health first aiders set out to identify wellbeing issues, mitigating their effects, and support people through difficult times, whether this is because of issues at home or at work. 

Why is Time to Talk day so important? 

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem every year therefore creating supportive communities, where those struggling can talk openly about their mental health, has the power to change lives. And the cost-of-living crisis is only making it harder to look after our mental health. Talking about mental health reduces stigma, helping to create supportive communities where we can talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when we need it. 

How can you take part? 

Solo will be encouraging staff to take part in a ‘Walk and Talk’ on Thursday which gives you an opportunity to have a conversation side by side, therefore helping you to open up in a less pressurised environment.

There are lots of other ways to get involved from creating community events, organising an activity, or texting a friend or colleague. To read more about Time to Talk Day, visit their website here.  

And if you’re looking for even more guidance on how to support others, you might find Mind’s Conversations in the Community training helpful.