Summer Newsletter 2020

As we move through the summer months, hopefully with some sunshine on the horizon, the Solo team are continuing to successfully ensure it is business as usual while we all adapt to the ‘new normal’. To help keep in touch and support each other through this strange time, our team have been promoting wellbeing whilst working from home with some members of the team becoming 'Sunshine Ambassadors’ - who spread joy to the team through a variety of ways, including inspirational quotes, sharing things that make them smile, a happiness A-Z and even a Guess the Baby Competition! In early July we saw the return of six members of our head office team returned to work from the head office, with plans in place for the remainder of the team to return by September., We are all looking forward to getting back to the office and working alongside each other again. Along with lots of other events this year we are sad that our ‘Race for Life’ team couldn’t run together in June – fingers crossed the rescheduled race will go ahead in October. In the meantime, our residential running guru’s Helen Brown and Sonia Stecko have been taking part in the “Great North Run Solo Challenge”, which sees runners completing a minimum of 40 runs of any length over 78 days (a run for each year of the Great North run). All monies raised will support NHS Charities along with the COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Our second annual 'Dignity Arts and Crafts Competition’ in 2020 with a theme of ‘Dignity’ at the centre through inclusive medium. Our Client Relations Manager Roisin Burton organised and judged the competition and said "We have been truly touched and overwhelmed by the entries received from clients, client's families and Solo staff members alike. There has been a real mixture of art, poetry, model making, photographic collage and mixed media - it has been a wonderful way to celebrate and showcase what people’s thoughts are around ‘Dignity;”. We will be showcasing entries on our website shortly. Thank you to everyone. We would like to congratulate Sonia Stecko, Office Administrator who celebrates 3 years’ service with the company, Emma McFeely, Client Relations Manager and Sue McCauley, Finance Administrator who celebrate 1 years’ service with company. Finally, on behalf of our clients, Directors and head office staff, we would like to say another thank you to our frontline Care and Support workers for their continued dedication and efforts in these difficult times. Thank you for reading – stay safe!