Solo's Payroll Team

We asked the 3 newest members of our Team to tell us how they came to be working in Payroll and here is what they have to say:

Vesta – joined us in April 2023

I have been a full-time mother for over 5 years. Going back to work after all this time was doubtful but I have been very lucky to come across this opportunity as a payroll administrator.

Since I have joined and amazing team and company, going to work is something I am looking forward to everyday. It feels like this job is meant to be for me, as I am enjoying responsibilities and every day at the office is never the same one.

Maisie – joined un in April 2023

After studying for my A-Levels I realised that I didn’t want to go onto University, in fact I was in a dilemma as to which career path to take. I first applied for a temporary administrative role at Solo which enabled me to gain office experience. After a few months a permanent position within the payroll team became available, which I was successfully able to obtain.

As a person who loves to be organised and pays attention to detail, I realised that a role in Payroll was perfect for me. It was a steep learning curve for me as initially I lacked confidence but luckily, I work with a supportive team who have encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and provided me with plenty of help when needed. I enjoy the fact that every payroll is different, and it means no two days are the same.

Hopefully in the future I can start working towards obtaining professional qualifications and possibly a degree in Payroll. 

Megan – joined us September 2022

My name is Megan, and I began my payroll adventures with Solo in September 2022. Fresh out of university, and desperate to leave my previous employment, I began looking for full-time positions. I came across an advertisement for a payroll assistant at Solo and really liked the ideology of the company. I went for an interview, got offered the position and handed in my notice to my previous job all in one day!

Not long before I joined Solo, I lost my grandfather to lung cancer, leaving me devastated. When I read the story of Nicola Darby on the company website, I knew Solo was where I wanted to be. I am proud to work for a company that genuinely cares for their clients and goes above and beyond to support them.

I have recently taken my CIPP course and feel my knowledge has increased vastly! I look forward to my future in payroll.