National Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 - Further Insights from Some of our Employees

To round up National Safeguarding Adults Week, please see below some further insights from some of our employees.

Helen Brown - Business Manager & Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding to me means: Protecting and promoting the human rights and wellbeing of individuals at risk and the provision of safe, effective care to prevent harm and enable people to live a life free from abuse.

Our company ethos is to put the client at the centre of everything we do, and this extends to safeguarding as well. The client’s outcomes are at the centre of all considerations and the client and / or their family / representative is involved in all conversations, with their thoughts and feelings being of the utmost importance at all times.

I feel staff are really well trained and supported in this area. It's really clear from the outset of employment what the responsibilities are for employees at all levels and most importantly who to turn to / what to do when you have a concern. I feel this gives employees the confidence to speak out, regardless of how small the issue. Our policies are regularly reviewed and are really robust. We have been complimented on them in the past by commissioners.

Debbie Saunders - Development Manager

Safeguarding to me, means ensuring that vulnerable people are protected from abuse and neglect. Each client has their own care pan to ensure that their care is provided as to how it is prescribed to keep them safe from harm and abuse.

All of our employees have MCA 2005 training to ensure we they know how to protect our clients how do not have capacity to understand abuse and neglect, or a way of communicating it. Our employees act as their voices to keep them safe. I feel Solo works hard to ensure that any concern raised or doubt considered is questioned and looked into further to ensure nothing is missed and all concerns can prevent abuse in the long run. We thoroughly investigate concerns at Solo to ensure justice prevails for our clients and employees.

Roisin Burton - Client Relations Manager: Team Leader

Safeguarding to me means accountability, protecting an individual's wellbeing, and promoting dignity & respect.

Solo makes safeguarding personal by creating awareness and supporting with information sharing, involving people in safeguarding matters.

To be an employee of Solo, I feel confident in; personalisation - including people to keep safe through education & our safer recruitment checks.

Anna Gawel - Client Relations Manager

I fully agree with Nelson Mandela’s quote – “Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the results of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and our duty. Safeguarding is about PROTECTION, EMPOWERMENT, PROPORTIONALITY and PARTNERSHIP.

All of Solo’s processes are very person centred. Every client is treated as an individual and is empowered to make decisions about their lives. This applies to our Safeguarding Processes as well. We are very transparent, we provide guidance and resources, we can offer additional support and we work in partnership with others involved. We listen to the individuals, respect their rights, wishes and preferences. I feel confident in supporting the clients in regards to safeguarding and also well equipped to guide and support our employees.

Emma Thurston – Compliance & Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding means empowering people to know how to protect themselves and others around them. From the very first step of building a package of care for a client, we involve the client and or their representative to ensure that care is provided how the client likes it, in a way that is required for them.

We listen to their wishes and opinions and take every effort to ensure that these are carried out. We involve our clients in the recruitment of staff for their packages of care. This ensures our clients are positively confident that they are supported by staff that they are comfortable with. Our robust training, for all employees, ensures that all are competent in safeguarding and all other tasks that are required to complete their role.

Our Client Relations Managers foster an open culture of support with front line employees and our clients, so that they then feel confident and comfortable to raise any concerns or queries. In the event that any concerns or queries are raised, the safety and wellbeing of the client is of paramount importance and every effort is made to involve clients and or their representative at every stage, where appropriate.

As an employee of Solo Support Services, I feel comfortable and confident, both to know that I am supported as a member of staff but also that all employees and clients know what to do should they have any concerns. I feel that our model of care where the client and or representative is involved in every step, reduces incidents that could occur, as they are in a safe supportive environment.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their thoughts and insights with us this week. We also thank you for following #SafeguardingAdultsWeek with us, and hope you feel more confident and able to respond to any concerns you may have about anyone.

Remember, if you are concerned about someone’s safety and believe they may be being abused, speak to your line manager or your company’s designated safeguarding lead. If you are concerned as a member of the public, you can find the correct contact details for your area by searching online ‘report a safeguarding concern for (an adult or child) in (your area)’.

Never assume safeguarding is someone else’s responsibility.