National Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 - As a Personal Assistant and Dad

Safeguarding to me is making sure that the person that you are supporting is safe and that they are not in any danger when you are supporting them. As an employee I always make sure that I check with M to make sure everything is ok with him, that I make sure that I am using the equipment properly and safely and that his personal care is completed properly. To me safeguarding also means protecting the person that you are supporting from abuse.

Solo Support Services make safeguarding personal in M’s case by talking to him and talking to us as his family, asking questions to make sure M is happy and feels safe, by making sure that the staff are trained to support M with his needs and by his CRM being contactable by phone or email if we have any concerns.

I feel happy as both an employee and as M’s dad about how Solo support us with regards to safeguarding. The employees get good training and support from Solo and we feel that we can contact them if we have any concerns, we also feel that the employees are comfortable to speak to us or to the Client Relations Manager if they have any concerns. I also like that Solo ask us how we feel and our opinions on things and like that we are contacted regularly to ask how things are going. It is important for me as an employee and as M’s dad that I have time to be dad as well as being his personal assistant and I am able to do this with Solo. We are happy with all of the employees that work with M and the way that they support M.