National Payroll Week Payroll Quiz Answers

As promised, here are the answers for our Payroll quiz... 

1. What does PAYE stand for?

Answer: pay as you earn

2. How many weeks Statutory Maternity Leave are you entitled to?

Answer: 52 weeks ! 

Bonus point : how many weeks do you receive Statutory Maternity Pay?

Answer: 39 weeks

3. What does the M stand for in a tax code?

Answer: Marriage Allowance

4. What do you call a statement of earnings at the end of tax year? P9X /P60 /P45 /P11D  

Answer: P60

5. Do you get less salary in a shorter month?

Answer: No!

6. What have you joined if you have been auto enrolled? 

a) A final salary pension

b) A state pension

c) Work pace pension

d) Private pension

Answer: Work pace pension 

7.What is the national living wage for those age over 25?

£7.83 /£8.21 /£8.72 /£8.92.

Answer: £8.72

8. True or False? All employers have to re-enrol employees into their workplace pension every 3 years

Answer: True

9. What is the difference between gross and net pay?

Answer: Gross pay is before any deductions such as tax / NI/ Pension contributions

10. What is the basic rate of income tax?

Answer: 20% 

11. What year was National Payroll Week created? 1990/ 1989/ 1998/ 2001 

Answer: 1998

12. What does HMRC stand for?

Answer: Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

13. Who pays National Insurance - Employee / Employer / Both?

Answer: Both

14. The first month in the UK tax year is January / June / April?

Answer: April

15. What is the current amount of Statutory Sick Pay per week? £94.25 /£95.85 /£96.45 

Answer: £95.85