Mental Health Awareness Week 9th - 15th May

9th to 15th May is both 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion week' and also 'Mental Health Awareness week’. We have been contacted by our client’s parents to highlight the hard work and dedication of their daughter’s support team in both supporting her inclusion in everyday life and therefore making such a positive impact on her Mental Health:

“When COVID struck we were very worried about Rebecca's mental health as, prior to receiving her PHB, she had suffered with depression and anxiety; refusing to get out of bed, sleeping a lot, crying/sobbing and behaving in a very challenging and aggressive manner. We were very concerned that with the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, Rebecca's mental health would again deteriorate but thankfully, due to her wonderful team, our fears were unfounded.

For the last two, very challenging, Covid years Rebecca's team has worked incredibly hard, finding creative and innovative ways to keep her happy, alert and engaged in everyday life, but at the same time keeping her safe and well. Rebecca has remained cheerful throughout the whole of this period and has eagerly greeted each new day with laughter and enthusiasm.

As parents we cannot thank, or praise, her team enough for everything they have done to enable Rebecca to live a full and happy life, despite the issues and restrictions we've all experienced during this pandemic.

Rebecca's team has shown great awareness and understanding of potential mental health issues and has worked 'above and beyond' to ensure Rebecca has remained both mentally and physically healthy and happy during these challenging times.

Rebecca's team are just part of Solo's many front-line, but unsung heroes, who make such a positive difference to each client's quality of life - it would be great if Solo could ensure they are no longer unsung!"

The Solo Support Service Directors would like to thank Rebecca’s team for their commitment and also say thank you to all our wonderful care staff, who support and promote positive Mental Health and also Equality and Inclusion and make such a positive impact on the lives of our clients.