Mental Health Awareness - Celebrating Nature

Some more fantastic nature pictures celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week, our colleague Emily Clarke said “ Nature has truly helped me throughout lockdown! I have always looked around to see the true beauty of my surroundings , taking in the colour of the sky , the beauty of the trees growing in their own habitat and the wildlife living in their world.  During lockdown I’ve sat and appreciated it even more . Helping me escape the world of social media & the sadness of the pandemic . I had corona virus in April 2020 , nature helped me though it.”  

Our colleague, Elaine B enjoys walks in her local wood particularly when the bluebells are in bloom. 

Claire R, Client Relations Manager shared pictures of her local weekly walk that she enjoys with her dog, she really appreciates living so close to the canal!

Sue our finance administrator, explained that she is a fan of brightly coloured flowers as she finds them such a mood lifter. She particularly likes these flowers 'pink kisses' at the moment.