Meet the Payroll Team!

Ingrid Foster – Payroll Manager 

I began working for Solo in January 2014, we had a handful of clients and the Payroll Team was, really, just me!  Now we are a Team of 6.  Solo Support Services has grown unrecognisably whilst still maintaining our core values of choice and control.  I am always looking at ways to move forward, adapt and lead the Team. I was very happy to return to the office after 3 long months working from home, my dog probably less so, who loved having the family at home!  I try to visit somewhere new at least once a year; UK, Abroad or sometimes both! I love a good TV box set and love reading too. I have a pile of books by my bed. I try and run from time to time to keep fit as well as daily dog walks.

Jenna Woodhouse – DP Manager 

Jenna began working with Solo in June 2016 and has not looked back since! Jenna has an amazing memory for information, fact and figures.  She has completed the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) Advanced Payroll Technician course. Whilst still under the Payroll Team umbrella she now line manages her own small team and focuses on the Direct Payment Social Funded Service Users of Solo – a mere 300 Clients! 

Jenna says: 

Working in the payroll team is really fulfilling, you always learn something new and the people in the team make it a joy to be at work every day. Working from home, even for a shorter period than others, made me realise how much I am supported by being around a team. In my spare time I enjoy going for days out and food with friends and family. I was fortunate enough to purchase my first house at the start of the year and I am still in process of making this my own.

Rochelle Leake- Payroll Administrator 

Rochelle has worked with the Payroll Department for over 3.5 years and works closely with myself processing our Third Party Payrolls.  Not only did Rochelle do her paid job during lockdown but she also had to home school her 9-year-old son.   A massive challenge and we look forward to welcoming Rochelle back to the office this week when her son returns to school. 

Rochelle says: 

I love my 2 cats.  I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, seeing friends and making tray bakes to feed everyone in the office!  When I’m not at work or out I’ll always have my pyjamas on!! I love working at Solo because everyone is so nice. I enjoy the variety of processing payrolls and really like being part of a team.

Samantha Holmes – Payroll Administrator 

Samantha joined Solo nearly 3 years ago in the Admin Department. When a payroll position became available I decided to snap her up and train her! She is Queen of volume processing and works tirelessly through her huge workload week in week out. Samantha is still working happily from home for the time being. 

Samantha says; 

I love working in the payroll team!!! The people I work with are not just my colleagues but friends too and guarantee to put a smile on my face. We all work well together and always there to help one and other if needed. I enjoy eating out though with lockdown I have surprised myself with the amount of cooking I have done.  I love my holidays and luckily I did manage to get away in January.  Since lockdown you would probably find me in my garden with a good book and maybe the occasional glass of wine. 

Lauren Cruz – Senior Payroll Administrator 

Lauren began to work for Solo in April 2016 at a particularly challenging time of growth and was thrown straight in.  She continues to rise to every challenge I throw at her. She is a senior member of my team and now works closely with me in setting up new payroll packages, Pension administration and general arising payroll issues. Lauren has completed the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) Advanced Payroll Technician course.

Lauren says:

I love being part of the payroll team as we all get on really well and work well as a team. I like the variety of work and I am enjoying working a bit more on the third party payrolls. I learned to crochet in lockdown and I am enjoying making some little crochet animals in my spare time. I also enjoy taking my dog for walks and going out for meals.

Penny Yeung – Payroll Administrator 

Penny is the newest member of the Payroll Team. She joined our rapidly growing organisation in November 2019 with little experience but a huge appetite to learn. Working from home so soon into her new job role was difficult but Penny coped admirably. Penny is just about to embark on a 26 week CIPP Payroll Technician Course.

Penny says:

I love food and exploring new restaurants. I enjoy bike riding on a sunny day and if it is rainy I like to stay in and watch Disney movies with a big cup of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallow on top! I love working at Solo, everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I have learned a lot from the team and there is always plenty of coffee and cakes in the office. I enjoy processing payrolls and getting to know each client. I cannot wait to start the CIPP course this month starting a new payroll adventure!