Hydration and Nutrition Week 14th- 20th June 2021

Nutrition and hydration week previously took place in March since 2012 however, due to the pandemic nutrition and hydration week was moved to June of this year in recognition of the pressures that health and social care systems continue to be under at this time. 

The purpose of this week is to bring people together to create energy, focus and fun in order to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and well-being in health and social care. 

This is the first year which Solo, have marked this week with clients and employees across all areas of Solo and some wonderful pictures and stories have been shared with our CRM’s with a selection below included. 

Throughout the week, information was shared from our Infection Control Lead through our CRM’s to refocus us all and highlight the importance of good fluid intake but also that we can gain fluids through things that we eat also in order to keep our bodies hydrated. So, as we continue to move from restrictions and life becomes a little busier don’t forgot to hydrate and look after yourselves.