Dignity Competition Winners 2020

We are pleased to share the joint winning entries to our successful 'Dignity in Art Competition’, what wonderful, thought provoking words. We will be sharing other entries in the coming weeks. Once again we thank everyone who has taken part, it has been an amazing competition! 

🌈 Entry 1

Dignity … my brother is worthy of honour and respect

I care for him and help my family look after him

Giving my brother choices lets him have what he wants and feels

Not everyone understands my brother, but if you spend time with him you get to know him

I love doing special things with my brother, especially on holidays and days out

Talk to my brother – he loves to chat in his own way

You need to be sensitive and delicate with my brother – he is so special to me

☀️ Entry 2

*The main image on this web post is paired with this entry*

Love gave us this amazing child, dignity helped give us this amazing picture…

Dignity is the support of the three people it took to get the boy safely to this position

Dignity is the care he was given to get him dressed and out the door a few hours before 

Dignity is the support that helped us pack enough to last a month that in reality lasts a week

Dignity is the understanding of why this is so important to us and how hard it is to make it happen

Dignity is the strangers looking admiringly and asking if we’d like any help then commenting what a special time this was

Dignity is seeing passed the wheelchair at our son watching the waves, not the world watching his wheels!