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Newark, East Midlands




I am a determined 4 year- old little boy, living at home with a very close family. I enjoy life but need a lot support every day. I have complex health issues which effect my day and can make it scary and unpleasant for me. When this happens, I need to be distracted and play with my favourite things or know my parents are nearby, but at the same time I need to be re-assured, comforted and kept safe. I enjoy interacting with others and learning from them. I may appear shy but with encouragement from the people around me, and with a positive learning attitude towards helping me achieve this, I will have the opportunity to develop and grow to the best of my ability.


I am building a team around me of long-term carers, who can support and encourage me, during the day and at night to grow emotionally and manage with these unpleasant experiences associated with my health. The ideal candidate would have experience in working with young children with learning disabilities. You need to be able to think on your feet in a busy environment and anticipate my needs in order to keep me safe but at the same time acknowledge my age and development stage, using your expert skills to grow and develop me further.


The art of distraction with a creative mind will be advantageous and a great way of keeping me occupied and happy.  Using your varied teaching techniques to assist you to be calm you will be able to reassure me and keep me safe. You need to be able to take the lead from my parents and work as a team player. As well as being flexible and reliable you also need to be fun and fit in with my family life using your initiative in challenging situations.

The hours of support I need are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  The rate of pay is £10.89 for day hours and £12.85 per hour for waking nights. The position includes holiday pay and pension contributions. If you feel this position will suit you and you are able to start immediately, please send in your CV.

(The position is subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure and is exempt from the provision of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

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