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Derby, East Midlands




I am a middle-aged man living at home in Glossop with my wife and 2 cats.

I have a Christian faith and attend church weekly. Due to my Multiple Sclerosis I am not always able to communicate verbally but I use facial expression and my communication aids to be understood and to communicate. I am unable to mobilise independently. I use a wheelchair and I have a ceiling hoist to support with all transfers. I require support for daily living, my personal care and support with accessing my social life, within the community. I enjoy going out with my wife and my PA.


My care tasks are complex and a good understanding of Multiple Sclerosis, the way the symptoms interact and effect my body would be ideal. You will work as part of a team of PAs, supporting each other to cover holidays and sickness. You will need to take direction from a team leader as well as my wife, who advocates for me. The role is within my own home and wider community. Full mandatory online training and face to face training will be included.


The ideal candidate would be a male carer/support worker with experience in supporting other people who have Multiple Sclerosis. You will be required to be physically well to support me with my transfers. You will be paid £10/hour plus holiday accrual. You are entitled to 28 days holiday worked out pro-rata as well as pension contributions if you are eligible. The hours of work are flexible to meet my needs, but will be 20 hours per week, with a rota available 4 weeks in advance.

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