There are two distinct options you can choose from to manage your personal health budget or individual budget.

If you, or a family member, need domiciliary services at home you're sure to want maximum control and choice. It's our aim to provide a real alternative to help you achieve this.

We are here to help those who've chosen self-directed support to manage their personal health budget or individual budget. We have a full range of options to help you to find the right level of support, with real value for money by only paying for services you need.

The first consideration is whether you are able or willing to be the legal employer of your Personal / Care Assistants?

For those who don't want the responsibility of being an employer but still want to retain choice and control option one, our third party arrangement, is probably best suited to you. This service is available for both a Commissioned Budget, Personal (Health) Budget, an Individual Service Fund (ISF) or one which is provided in the form of a Direct Payment.

For those who are able (and willing) to be the employer, option two is probably the most relevant. Please note that you would need to be receiving your Personal [Health] Budget as a Direct Payment to access this service.

If you are unsure and finding the whole process rather confusing, please don't hesitate to speak with us directly on 0115 815 7010 to discuss the various options.


For many people, the responsibility of employing staff to work in your home can seem very daunting, especially when you're dealing with something as important as personal care.

Solo Support Services is registered with the Care Quality Commission and will act as the legal employer of your personal assistants, support workers and carers, working with you at every step to make sure you and your family are happy.

You will still make all the decisions about how your personal [health] budget or Individual Service Fund (ISF) is allocated, who works for you and what they do. But we will also be able to support you with recruitment, training, other aspects of employment and anything else you might need to manage your budget effectively.

This option is known as a 'third party arrangement'. We can be commissioned by the NHS, Social Care or directly by yourself. Whichever way, you're in control so you can live the life you want to and achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

Please e-mail us for a copy of our Price Guide for Third Party Arrangements 

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, you can call the main office on: 0115 815 7010

A monthly management fee covers the following...
Individual Client Bank Account
We will hold the budget on your behalf in a separate client deposit account. We will support you with financial planning and reporting, helping you keep track of your money. You will be able to view your bank account should you wish, as well as access monthly financial reports online.
Report hours worked to us on a monthly basis and we will process staff pay and payslips. Employees have the choice of either paper or online payslips.
Performance Management
Full support will be provided should any performance issues or employee concerns arise. 

Co-ordination of Training
Organising training for your staff, both mandatory and for personal development.

Personalised Risk Assessments
We will conduct risk assessments individual to you, taking a common sense approach to risk enablement.

Employer and Public Liability Insurance
Because your staff are employed by Solo Support Services, should a problem arise, they will be fully covered by our insurance.

There are many reponsibiities that come with being an employer, we appreciate that this can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

Solo Support Services have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in fulfilling your legal obligations both to HMRC and your employees. Offering you advice and support in being a good employer and ensuring a happy work force. We invite you to choose from our menu of services to best suit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further and to obtain a bespoke quote for your Direct Payment Support. Telephone 0115 815 7010 or click here to email us.

Charges are dependent on the services you wish to use...

Payroll Bureau  
Includes submission of RTI (Real Time Information) to HMRC.

Legal Support 
Assisting you with all aspects of being a good employer.

Managed Bank Account
Supporting you with your budgeting and financial reporting needs with an option to access our online accounting system. 

Recruitment Support
Assisting you in writing and placing adverts, screening candidates and arranging interviews. 
Safeguarding Support
We can process DBS checks for employees on your behalf, aswell as reference and identity checks. 

Ongoing Support
Providing you with year round support, via telephone, email and home visits. 



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