Safeguarding Training

Head Office Staff have today received Safeguarding Adults and Children Awareness training. 

The session was delivered by our Business Administrator and Safeguarding Lead, Emma Thurston, and was designed as an update to previous training. The session focussed on types of abuse and how to recognise them and also what to do, but crucially what not to do if you have a safeguarding concern or if someone discloses to you. 

The session was a mixture of presentation and also group work designed to spark thought and discussion on the subject to make people question their preconceptions. 

 Emma spoke about the training afterwards: "They were interesting sessions and it was encouraging to know how knowledgable people already are on the subject and how willing everyone was to engage. I am confident that everybody now knows if in receipt of a safeguarding concern." 

The sessions were well received by staff also who agreed they were beneficial as well as interesting and well presented. Thank you too Emma for arranging.