Dignity Training 2019 ❤️

Our Client Relations Manager - Team Leader and Dignity Lead, Roisin Burton (pictured) presented a Dignity update today to the whole team.

She gave an overview of the work done throughout the company over the last year and also the feedback from our recent CQC inspection on our Dignity work which was incredibly positive.


Roisin led a group exercise to help us all understand how people have different positions on even the smallest of matters that should always be respected. It can be the importance of these things, like making a cup of tea or preparing a meal to the client’s preference, not your own, that many of us take for granted but can have detrimental effects on a persona health and wellbeing if ignored.


We were also reminded of the 8 standards of Dignity and respect as well as looking at different types of empathy.


Thank you to Roisin for an informative and interesting session!